Aleksandr Samokutyayev

Russian Federal Space Agency Cosmonaut

Date and place of birth:  Born March 13, 1970 in Penza, Russia.


During the school involved in the sports section of the parachute.  Entered in the Penza Polytechnic Institute, but one year suspended training, deciding to enroll in college Chernigivske.  In 1992 graduated from the Chernigov Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots (VVAUL).  In 1998 – 2000 years of study at an Air Force Academy.

Military service:

He served as a military pilot in the Far East.  In 1992 – 1998 years he served first as an instructor in the Chernigov VVAUL, then helicopter school in Ukraine, then in the Far Eastern military district (DVO), consisting of 1-and air force, where dosluzhilsya and Chief squadron.  Since 2000, served as head of institutional planning office 2nd administration RGNII CPC.

Military rank:

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (2003).

Satellite Training:

20 January 2003 received a positive opinion (admission to the special training) at a meeting of the Main Medical Commission – MMC.

29 May 2003 at a meeting of the Interministerial Commission for the selection of astronauts has been enlisted in the squad to undergo astronaut training obschekosmicheskoy (ECV).

Since 16 June 2003 began to obschekomicheskoy preparation (OMP), who completed 27 June 2005 from gosekzameny passed in the CPC with the assessment of «excellent».

At the meeting of the Interministerial Commission for Qualification (MVKK) 5 July 2005 from him was awarded the qualification «cosmonaut-tester».

In July 2008, there have been reports of his appointment to the backup crew for the 25th expedition to ISS (ISS-25, launched on board «Soyuz TMA-18» in March 2010).  This must be the first flight of the new Spacecraft update «Soyuz-TMA» (700 series).  At the SMC meeting on Feb. 10, 2009 was allowed to train in the back of the crew of the ship «Soyuz-TMA» N701.

In October 2008 there have been reports of his appointment to the core crew of 27th expedition to ISS (ISS-27, launched on board «Soyuz TMA-22» spring 2011).  This should be the second shuttle flight of the new update «Soyuz-TMA» (700 series).


Military airman 3rd class.

The general strike at the time of enrollment in the squad is 560 hours.

Finished 25 skydiving.

Mastered aircraft «Bilgah-35A», L-13 «Blaník», L-39, Su-24m.

Father – Samokutyaev Michael.

His wife – Samokutyaeva Oksana Nikolayevna rod. 22.08.1972.

His daughter – Anastasia.

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