Shared Folk-songs

Shared Folk-songs

The following songs were recorded by the students at Pearl Hall Elementary, based on the folk-songs shared in building cultural bridges events, or were provided, with permission given to use, by the interviewed guests of Building cultural bridges:

United States of America

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window.mp3
Contributed by  Dottie Metcalf-Lindenberger

Contributed by Damian Montano


The Black Fly.mp3
Contributed and performed by Dave Hadfield

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.mp3
Contributed by Dr. Christian Otto – Performed by – Ruby


Le Vieux Chalet.mp3  –
Contributed by Claude Nicollier – Performed by – Idalys


Contributed by Ingun Studsrud – Performed by – Mariah


Bella Ciao.mp3  –
Contributed by Paolo Nespoli – Performed by – Felix


Tinge Linge Later.mp3  –
Contributed by Ana T. Holliday – Performed by – Boris


Moscow Nights.mp3  –
Contributed by Sergei Galperin – Performed by – Elizabeth


Broom of the Cowdenknowes.mp3
Contributed and performed by Dr. Ed Miller


Atirei O Pao No Gato.mp3  –
Contributed by the Brasil Guitar Duo –
Performed by – Aleyda


Menier Tu Dor – The Miller.mp3  –
Contributed by Michael Lopez-Alegria –
Performed by – Roberto


Leutl Mass Leustig Sein.mp3  –
Contributed by Hans Graf – Performed by – Molly and Sara



“The great thing about music is that it’s border-less. It’s a healing sort of art form.  For our kids to be a part of a program like the Building Cultural Bridges where, the world’s not so big and it’s not so different.  All these guests have come in and all have had a folk-song and a favorite story as a kid. To have music is something that transcends all. It’s such a universal sort of thing.”

Roger Daily, Education Director, Houston Symphony Orchestra


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